The Fastest Indian

Kate Feeney

A Pretty Fast Article - Movie Review by Kate - a soon to be Spokeswoman!

What is 'the genuine article?'

How do you KNOW when you are talking to a real biker?

Where is the line between the person who likes motorcycles and that person who lives to ride?

What IS that quality difference? Are we born to it?

We all know that we know, by an unspoken sense, who we are talking to out there on the road.

What IS the genuine article?

See Anthony Hopkins in this portrayal of Bill Munro .. the legendary land speed breaker and his legendary run at the Bonneville Salt Flats .. sit back with some popcorn at the Montgomery Cinema in Belle Meade, NJ .. and FEEL the genuine article. It is a nice ride out there.

Yeah .. thats what I am talkin about.


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