Alexandra Pesacreta

President & Former Secretary

Motorcycling. It'is either in your blood or it isn’t. My desire to ride two wheeled vehicles started early. Riding bicycles was fun, pedaling as fast as you could go and feel the wind in your hair. Then, mopeds came out in the 1980’s and I begged and pleaded with my parents for one. “No” was the answer. Moped’s were too dangerous. How unfair! My father successfully raced Jersey Speed skiffs winning numerous state and national titles and that wasn’t dangerous?

Well, there wasn’t much I could do about the moped but I promised myself that one day I would be on two motorized wheels.

Fast forward to college. A roommate of mine rode a Yamaha 750 with her boyfriend and some of his friends. The desire to ride reared it’s head and at the first opportunity, I enrolled in a MSF course and passed. Great! However, I had no motorcycle and no license. The license part didn’t bother me but the motorcycle part did. As luck would have it, my roommate wanted to sell her bike. I didn’t hesitate. The bike was mine.

The Yamaha was just a tad too tall for me, my toes just barely touched the ground, but I was determined. I rode around by myself exhilarated and terrified at the same time. I kept the bike for awhile but eventually sold it when I moved back home. I think that I wasn’t as comfortable as I wanted to be on the bike. It also didn’t help that my mother got on the bike while it was running, and in a matter of seconds, put it into first, took off and crashed into the front of a parked truck. To this day I can still see her falling backward on the bike opening the throttle and crashing into the truck. Thankfully, her injuries weren’t too bad. After that incident, I sold the bike and didn’t ride again for 15 years.

In the ensuing years I went on to nursing school, got married and moved a few times. The desire to ride was still there but I didn’t take any initiative. Every time I saw a motorcyclist on the road I thought one day I will do it the right way, retake an MSF course and start out on a smaller bike.

Well, that time came in 2001. The local community college offered an MSF course through Rider Education. Not only could I refamiliarize myself but if I passed, I would get my license. With permit in hand, I completed and passed the 2 day course. Yeah! But now, I had a license but no motorcycle. I went and bought a Honda Rebel. It was small, but I didn’t care. I wanted to work on the skills I had learned and be comfortable and confident.

Not long after, I looked into finding a women’s motorcycling club. My husband doesn’t ride nor did any of my friends. I didn’t mind riding alone, but I didn’t have anyone I could share this with. As luck would have it, I come across an article about the Spokes-Women MC in my local paper! After contacting them, I started the 2002 new year attending their meetings. I was accepted into the Club and have the priveledge and the pleasure of knowing some of the most interesting, intelligent and fun people who love to ride motorcycles!

I have since retired my Honda Rebel for a motorcycle I always dreamed of riding. I now ride a 1999 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s me. I have finally realized a dream over 25 years old. It is never too late to do so. May you also realize your dreams and passions.

Alexandra Pesacreta
Spokes-Women MC Secretary

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