Member, Pam Gedman

I am not sure how my interest in motorcycles began but as far back as I remember they have always been a part of my life. My mother jokes that my first word was not “Mama” but rather “Mimi” (which was what I said every time a motorcycle drove by).

When I was four years old, I convinced the boy next door to let me ride his Honda Z50. To the surprise of my neighbors and my parents, I hopped the bike and just kept riding. From that day on getting my own bike was my mission. I saved money in my piggy bank and after a few months I put down a $50.00 deposit on my own 1975 Honda Z50A. I didn’t get to take it home until my last payment was made, however, the owner of the Honda dealership would let me ride it around the parking lot every time I dropped off some money.

By six, I was the proud owner of my first motorcycle. Around that time I met with a few other kids in the neighborhood who had bikes and we began to ride everyday after school. We made trails on the median that passed through the NJ Turnpike. There were curvy trails, straightaway trails and double jumps, everything a dirt bike enthusiast could dream of.  We rode each other’s bikes, and eventually graduated to bigger dirt bikes.

As time passed, more kids joined us on the trails. This continued until I was sixteen and a half. When I turned sisteen, my cousin told me he was selling his 1980 Honda CM400T. I thought that it would be a perfect starter bike and I did not have enough money for a car.

My Dad was totally against me owning a street bike but my Mom, who had her motorcycle license when she was younger, was very supportive. My mom would drop the traffic cones off at an empty lot near my house and I would practice for the road test. I think her motivation was so that she could take a ride or two on my bike from time to time.

On my seventeenth birthday I passed my driving test in the morning and my motorcycle road test later that day.During the last seventeen years I have owned a variety of street bikes. I am currently riding a 1994 Honda Shadow 600 VLX. I still ride and trade motorcycles with two of my buddies from the dirt bike trail days.

I joined the Spokes-Women in search of more great people to ride with. In the past year since I joined the club I have met some wonderful friends, taken some beautiful rides and learned a lot more about motorcycling. This is only the beginning of the next chapter in my two wheeled adventures.

In Parting, I just wanted to mention that Istill have that 1975 Z50A. My 8, 12 and 14 year old nephews are now rif\ding it on the little trails in their neighborhood. I hope I have started three future motorcycle enthusiasts...

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