Member, Josephine DeLeo (Jay)

My nickname is Jay and I recently became an associate member of Spokeswomen.. As a child I was called “Little Jay,” since I had an older cousin with the same name. At my age, with 4 children and 12 grand children, my Mother’s family still calls me “Little Jay!”

I was born during a blizzard and it was prophetic because my my life has been...a blizzard! Until my second year of high school, I was sure I wanted to be a nun, and prepared for such.

Since the age of 10, I have loved mountain Gorillas. At age 35, I adopted one that lives in the Verunga Mountains of Africa. I continue to support the protection of these beautiful animals!

My hobbies have been Harleys and Horses. I have written two books of fiction and a few songs and I am not a bad artist, as I’ve been told. I have always aspired to becoming a recording artist, but have been singing mostly as an enjoyable hobby.

Being true to my zodiac sign, I find pleasure in a variety of endeavors. The one constant though, has been the pleasurable camaraderie I have found in the company of Spokes-Women.

Editor's Note: Jay is Club Secretary Patty Gwozdz' sister and has been attending functions with the club for several years. Welcome Jay!


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