Member, Michele Monoco

When I was about 29 years old I took a motorcycle course in North Jersey and got my motorcycle license.

Later, I was married and had a son. The idea of riding a motorcycle was put aside, but not forgotten. I was too busy enjoying this phase of my life to the fullest. When my son was 17 and not around as much anymore, I took another riding course here in Piscataway and got started again on my little red Rebel.

It had been a long time and that rebel wasn't so little to me when I got started. I found it very hard to learn. My fear was so great but my desire to learn was greater. So, I found myself reaching goals I never thought I could achieve...that's what it has all been about.

After four years of riding experiences on my little red rebel, I found a bigger bike. It took a couple of weeks getting use to it. But, afterward, the new bike felt great. I rode all the way down the Parkway this summer for Wildwood bike week. I tied my suitcase on the back of the bike with a bungee cord. I knew some of the people when I got down there.

One of my goals in going to Wildwood was to ride in the boardwalk parade. I rode in the parade and I loved it.The boardwalk parade was followed by an escorted ride through Cape May and back. The ride was followed by an invitation to the Oceanic Hotel Harley buffet.

I have been attending meetings off and on for some time and find I keep coming back. Meetings and rides are well organized and well, I just feel right at home here.

Now that I am a member of Spokes Women, I hope to participate in rides that I wouldn't otherwise take on my own.



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