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Jane Kern, Former ChocolateMeister
Walt Kern

Walt and I met in September of 1959. Walt had been attending the Missouri Schools of Mines in Rolla, MO when he ran out of money and returned home to attend the local college while living at home. He took a part time job at the local newspaper office, The Daily Pantagraph, where my Dad was the Auditor and Treasure. I would come in after school to get a ride home with my Dad. Walt was sitting at his desk and I got to talking to him and found out he lived in Normal, IL which was the town next to where I lived, Bloomington, IL. They are known as the twin cities of IL. We soon began to date. He decided he did not like the college here in our home town and wanted to return to the Missouri School of Mines. He sold his 1939 antique car, borrowed all the money he could and went back where he graduated in 1961.

We were married September 2, 1961, and move to NJ where Walt had taken a job working for Bell Laboratories (AT&T). Bell Labs sent him to MIT in Cambridge, MA where we spent our first year. Once we returned to NJ we lived in North Plainfield, NJ before we moved to Freehold, NJ. Walt worked for Bell Labs for 35 years when he finally retired.

Walt and I now have three children, David, Steven and Sue. They are all married and have blessed us with six grandchildren. We have Jordan, 8; Connor, 7; Caroline, 5; Jayson, 4; Ian, 2; and Andi Jaye, born December 9th of 2005.

Walt and I took up riding motorcycles when we were Fifty years old. Once we decided this was something we both wanted to do we took the MSF course and passed. I have ridden a Honda Shadow VLX, a Honda PC 800, and now I am riding a white 1998 Honda Gold Wing SE trike. Walt has ridden a Honda Nighthawk, a Honda PC 800 and now he rides a 2000 Honda Gold Wing SE trike.

We both join the Spokes Women MC in 1991 so I could meet other women riders. I had many questions about where to buy jackets and boots just for women and felt these women would have all the answers. At the time I had never dreamed I would meet so many wonderful ladies that would become some of my best friends. I met some of the neatest ladies that also rode. We have enjoyed many wonderful times and trips together.

Once Walt and I started to ride Gold Wings I wanted to join a club that was made up of mostly couples. Our good friend, Jack, was a member of the NJ GWRRA, chapter F and he invited us to attend one of their meetings. We meet on the last Sunday of the mouth at the Old Country Buffet in Freehold.

Chapter F is a very fun group of people. We try to meet once a month to go to dinner together. When the weather is good we schedule rides. We attend many of the other meetings of the other Chapters in NJ. We always try to attend as many of the other states in our District for their rallies. NJ GWRRA is part of District B. It consists of states from ME to VA.

When we first joined F-Troop I was about the only woman that rode her own motorcycle. Now we have five us that ride our own bike.

We were asked to be the Chapter Couple for 2006 for F-Troop. This is such an honor and we were very happy to accept this honor. We will serve the year as the club's ambassadors. We will greet people that come to our meetings, attend other club meetings and go to rallies.

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