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Journey On!

by Pat Gwozdz

As my Presidency for the Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club draws to an end, may I take this opportunity to thank the Board Members that supported my efforts to guide our club through a very complex year.  Also, thank you to the members that projected a positive attitude and offered constructive ideas for improving and continuing Spokes-Women values and goals.

It has been an honor to serve the membership in many capacities over numerous years.  Thank you for the friendship and good times we shared as we traveled the many miles over this great State and Country!
As the torch is passed, may you all continue in the best traditions of Spokes-Women, ride safely, have fun, and follow your dreams wherever they lead. 

Life is a symphony, enjoy the music as you journey on!

In Friendship,
Pat Gwozdz
President 2008
Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club


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