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July 1 , 2008

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Journey to Americade 2008

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The day was cool and showers persisted on and off until we reached north of mile marker 153 on the GSP.  Actually, it was perfect riding weather!  Age’d led the ride after meeting up with Stephanie, Michele M. and Susan M., while I rode sweep and Arden drove chase.

I was happy to ride after looking forward to the trip for some time!  Making only necessary stops for gas and lunch, we reached Lake George in time for sign in and to meet up with Barbara. and Mickey for dinner at a wonderful Italian Restaurant.  It was fun to join the gals to talk about the happenings at the different events. 

Mickey. had purchased a brand new set of neon’s and that’s when I noticed I had lost the amber cover on my front fender decorative light.  After dinner we drove to our motel at Lake Luzerne.  At least 12 miles from the village of Lake George, our motel offered a peaceful place to recharge, and was located only a short distance from a very good ice cream shop!

We passed the days shopping at the indoor and outdoor expositions, a boat ride around the Lake, a ride to Prospect Mountain, missed the fireworks because my feet couldn’t take another step, and test rode the three-wheeled Spyder!  That was a trip!   One day while shopping, I found a replacement cover for the front light and had new foot-pegs installed.

The events at Americade were very well planned and locations easy to find with detailed maps.  There were many vendors and activities to do.  The Planners mentioned that while other rallies were down by 30%, Americade was down only by 1%.  Not bad considering the cost of gas!

Returning home on Sunday, the day Americade ended, I took the lead and everyone arrived home safely, with only one missed turn onto a ramp!  No problem, we just backed down and we were off once again!

Thank you ladies for a great trip!

Ride Safe, Have fun!
Pat Gwozdz

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