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June 1 , 2008

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Harley Davidson, Out of Touch?

Is Harley Davidson out of touch?  With their new advertising campaign. “We don't do fear... If 105 years have proved one thing, it's that fear sucks and it doesn't last long. So screw it, let’s ride." (Basem Motorcycle Blogs, Basem Wasif, 2008).  Or do they express what riding is all about; fearless and free-spirited escapism to a better place?

The debate goes like this; with all the bad news about the economy, war, home foreclosures, etc. Harley Davidson doesn’t care about the fears people face today.  Or, on the other hand, is Harley Davidson saying to the public that after 105 years they have survived worse and you will too, so there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.

Let’s face it; motorcycle riders face the world seeing the cup half-filled.  We wouldn’t be riding if we believed any other way!  It takes imagination and courage to turn your back on orthodoxy, especially for women riders.  So I’m not sure why some people have a problem with HD’s ads.

Riders can all relate to the power we control with the twist of a throttle that loosens the chains from our brains and everyday worries.  Can you think of a better way to heal your spirit then the cool, clean wind in your face?

So let’s hear what Spokes-Women have to say.  Comment in the next Spokes-Women Reporter!  Is Harley Davidson out of touch, or is society in general?

Ride Safe, Have Fun!

Pat Gwozdz

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