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May 1 , 2008

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“Why not give as good as I received,” a quote from the novel, “Pay It Forward,” by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

Recently, Spokes-Women member Alex Pesacreta spoke these words as a reminder that all of us were new riders at one time. And, as we grow in experience, we should offer assistance to riders with less experience just as others have helped us. 

However, I have come to fully appreciate the philosophy of “Pay It Forward.” The words go far beyond assisting one another become better motorcyclists. This simple statement is an attitude we can use to make our corner of the world a better place. It is a way of life that is alive and well within many clubs of the motorcycling community. The pay it forward viewpoint is demonstrated by the many charitable fundraisers, invitations to rallies and co-rides that we have been invited to participate in.

Whether newbie or experienced rider, we need not limit ourselves to helping just some to reach their full potential. For that matter, we need not limit the club to reaching its full potential.

So what’s the point? As our ride season begins, remember we can all give something to another member that helps to make our shared experience with Spokes-Women better: Have patience, think positive, speak as you would want to be spoken to, encourage rather than discourage, offer assistance, and never leave someone behind!

Experienced riders can sometimes become impatient with new riders, and vice versa. Often, experienced riders become annoyed with other experienced riders. If, or when you become frustrated by anyone not riding within safe group riding rules, then bring the matter to the ride Captain. 

The Spokes-Women Club has always welcomed riders with varied skills as long as they pass club requirements. As in the past, for our more challenging rides, we can split into two groups: fast and slow. The object of our club has always been to share the sport of motorcycling among women riders and to foster camaraderie between all our members. We can achieve both if we remember to, “Pay It Forward.”

Ride Safe, have fun!

Pat Gwozdz

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