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Citing spiraling motorcycle accident statistics, the National Highway Traffic Safety administration may require new safety features on bikes.  For example, the federal agency plans to decide by next year whether or not anti-lock brakes should be mandatory equipment on motorcycles.

The government report also mentions an insurance industry study that shows that the rate of fatal crashes are 28% lower for bikes equipped with optional ABS braking systems than for those same motorcycles without them.

Though NHTSA frequently enforces the implementation of safety technology into automobiles, their involvement in motorcycling tends to focus more on helmet usage and the prevention of drunk riding.

Anti-lock brakes are now standard on some Harley-Davidsons and optional across a variety of manufacturers on everything from dual purpose bikes to scooters -- and in many cases, they can be disabled if the rider chooses.

David Hough inducted into the American Motorcycle Association's Hall of Fame

A motorcycle author from Agnew, Wash., who wrote what is considered the authoritative book on motorcycle safety will be inducted into the American Motorcycle Association's Hall of Fame.

Ohio - David Hough's best advice to motorcyclists is "Take it seriously."

The second edition of his book, "Proficient Motorcycling," has sold about 150,000 copies.

He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame on Dec. 5 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with five others in the hall's class of 2009.

The association primarily honors racers and big-name stunt riders.

Hough sees the award as a recognition of the many people teaching motorcycle safety and writing books.

Hough began riding a motorcycle when he lived on Bainbridge Island and commuted to Boeing.

Armless Biker Hits Speeds of 160 mph

There are a lot of things about 34-year-old resident and professional drag bike racer, Lance Jenkins, that might impress you.

Louisiana - Maybe it's that the Bayou L'ourse resident is the No. 2 ranked pro-mod drag bike racer in the U.S.; or that he runs the quarter mile in 8 seconds topping speeds of 160 mph; or possibly that in his most recent race, July 25 in Holly Springs, Miss., he walked away with the top prize.

What's more impressive is that the racer does all this with one arm.

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