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June 5 , 2009

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First Road Trip of the Season and a Birthday Surprise!

by Liz Smith

One of our club’s favorite destinations in the past (and a personal favorite of mine) has always been the Wildwood trip. In recent years, though, the turnout has grown smaller – probably due to other commitments, the disastrous economic climate, and a sort of “been there, done that” feeling by some of the long-time club members.

So this year, Judy and Tam asked if Charlie and I would like to go for a couple of nights at the Windward Motel (our usual hang-out), Friday to Sunday morning of Memorial Day weekend. A bit after our impromptu plans were made, an email was sent to the club to see whether anyone else wanted to join us. This was not an official club ride, just an invite to enjoy a few days away with friends. Unfortunately, probably due to the reasons I already stated, no one else joined us. But we had a really fun, relaxing time anyway.

One of the highlights this year was a hastily arranged birthday surprise for Judy on Friday night after dinner. All week long Tam and I had been texting back and forth making arrangements. Thursday evening I went to my local Shop-Rite patisserie and told the gent behind the counter my dilemma. “I need a cake – something like that one right there in the front – but I need to pack it on a motorcycle and drive it to Wildwood.

Do you have something that will withstand the trip?” The young man responded with, “I have that cake – frozen – and it’s in a sturdy box.”

Brilliant! He got me the frozen cake still packed in its heavy cardboard box and placed a bar code sticker on it. I thanked him and went and paid for my purchase. Once home, I popped the cake in my freezer and didn’t take it out until just before our departure, when I carefully packed it in the top of my T-Bag surrounded by clothing. I had also stashed a bottle of champagne and some plastic champagne flutes in the luggage.

These were stashed in the refrigerator in Charlie’s and my room upon our arrival.

Friday evening the four of us enjoyed a nice dinner at Duffy’s on the Lake, and had the perfect table for viewing the sunset. After our walk back to the Windward, we decided to sit outside our rooms and enjoy the cool evening air. While Judy was in her room for a few minutes, Tam slipped me the birthday candles that she had brought down, and I opened the cake box, not sure what I was going to find. Picture perfect cake! I quickly stuck a few candles on it and brought it out to the small table along with the champagne & glasses. Tam and I lit the candles, then Tam called Judy out of the room.

The look on Judy’s face was priceless as she surveyed the celebration laid out in front of her. After Judy blew out the candles we enjoyed cake (chocolate – is there any other kind?) and champagne as we listened to the boardwalk sounds in the distance.

Saturday morning we were faced with a decision. I had planned a tentative ride to the Toad Fish Bar and Grill for lunch (some of you will remember that place from the 2007 lighthouse challenge). But we decided that since we were only staying down for the one full day that we would spend it on the boardwalk and around town, which we did. We shopped, rode rides, and enjoyed watching the Kite Festival. We’ll save the Toad Fish for the another trip.

Early Sunday we all headed home up the Parkway, ending another enjoyable Wildwood weekend.

Just before we left, I was chatting with Will (one of the owners of the Windward), and he offered to put together a weekend package for the club for the weekend following Labor Day weekend. This is Wildwood’s big bike weekend. So – if anyone is interested, please let me and Ride Captain Carol know. And keep in mind that if we do go down for that weekend, we can always plan our own side trips – maybe a lunch ride to the Toad Fish?

Of course, there will be plenty of other opportunities to ride between now and then. See you on the road!


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