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Spring is Here
Written on March 20th

Hi Everyone.

Well here it is March and it’s starting to warm up. I know March can be tricky, and we’ve had snow in April, but it’s time to clean the dust off your bike and get ready to ride.

Jan is our ride captain, but that doesn’t mean she is responsible for coming up with our rides. We all must participate. Even if you don’t want to lead the ride, just send her where you’d like to ride to. I have to say, I’m bad at it myself, because I’m a slabber. I don’t have any real back roads around me, and I’m just used to highways and parkways. So if you are like me, I can relate, but we still need some rides.

I don’t want our ride schedule to have the same rides every year. You know how it goes, been there, done that, boring. So, please, let’s make the Spokes-Women MC a riding club. Remember, it takes all of us to keep this club going.

My plan is to keep our meetings short, so we can get out riding and enjoy the day. If you’d like a bike night to meet for dinner, please let us know. We will put it on the schedule. You don’t have to ride your bike, you can come in your car. There is a group of us that have been doing a bike night every Thurs. and drive our cars.  

I’m just going to end with this: As your president, I am going to try my best to make our club what it should be. A fun loving, bunch of women (and men), who just want to ride and enjoy each others company.


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