Cookie (Barbara)

I rode in the 80’s… then life happened and I stopped riding. After much persuasion from my sister that I should reinstate my ‘M’ endorsement, I decided to take her suggestion.

In August of 2008 I passed (excelled J) the weekend BRC course. When I sat on the bike for the first time in many years, my first thought was …”Why did I ever stop riding?”

So Labor Day weekend I went out and bought a 2002 Honda Shadow VLX 600 (which was previous owned by fellow rider, PJ; who I did not meet until over a year later). I loved the bike and I was in …well you know…HEAVEN on road! Unfortunately, Ten months later a young woman talking on a cell phone did not notice me approaching an intersection and cut me off…. I went down, followed by her hitting me with the SUV she was driving.

Luckily, I only had the wind knocked out of me, which also included serious contusions…no broken bones, but a broken spirit. I now had the FEAR in me; not sure if I would ride again. After 4 months of recovery and depression…. with the thought of never riding again… I got back on a bike. I knew then that I was meant to ride, so the day before Thanksgiving of 2009 I purchased a 2005 Honda Aero 750. But the fear was there through every turn, curve, and on coming vehicle that I passed. I lost my confidence and allowed it to influence my riding ability.

It would take persistence, determination and the desire to ride to conquer the fear. While trying to work through this feeling a new world of riding opened up. Group riding! What is that! That is …what I later discovered to be…a life saver. Not just in riding but also in the support, compassion and friendship that one needs to truly live life. I have discovered the best assortment of women that I have ever known. Starting with meeting members of SIS to 4K-IN Riders, and all the other groups in between; Polar Bears, Biker Chicks and now Spokes Women as well as the other countless riders one meets on the road. It has been awesome! Thank you, Bikers!


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