Letters to the Editor
June, 2012

Barbara Z:

I flew to Missouri to get my latest PC 800, a '98, with only 17, 350 miles on it, in January. I now have an '89, the first year the PC was made and with the "new" '98, the last year it was made.

I'm trying to get the '96 with the perennial oil and radiator leak fixed to sell. When I rode it to the shop for the 2nd crack at correcting the radiator leak and 3rd time for the oil leak, i looked down at the odometer, and it read 66,666!! A sign for sure that the devil is in that bike! Luckily God must have over ridden the devil on the cross-country trip I did last summer because I had no trouble with it on the trip.

Miss y'all, Barbara

p.s. Donna, which e-mail addy do I use to send you new pictures for the Member page? (I forgot. :( sad)


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Barbara Z:

Some of you know already but I had an accident on my motorcycle on Wednesday, March 14. I was told at the hospital in Shelby, NC, where the accident occurred, that the top of my left humerus is broken with three pieces of bone loose. I'll see an orthopedic doctor tomorrow, Tuesday, at Ortho Carolina in Ballantyne and learn what the course of treatment will be. My arm is in a sling with an immobilizer around my arm and upper body since Wednesday.
I was hit by an apparently impatient driver accelerating to get around the lane of stopped cars she was in. I was stopped waiting to make a left turn. When I started to turn she suddenly appeared accelerating at a high rate of speed toward me. I had a choice, either break or roll on the throttle to avoid a broadside hit. I didn't quite clear the car. She hit the right rear side of the motorcycle. She said she didn't see me and never applied the brakes.
I'm doing OK. The pain has lessened and I'm just using ibuprophen since yesterday. Of course, I don't sleep as well as I did on the pain med which was starting to make me itchy.

Yours, Barbara

Barbara Z:

I formally got out of the sling last Monday and started driving, w/o the sling (or you get a DWI in SC), a few days before that. I started PT Thursday. I'm anxious to get to the weight training part of PT to get the strength back in my arm. The therapist thinks I'll be ready to make the ride to Carson City, NV for the Women & Motorcycling Conference by July.

My son Billy put the '98 PC I was hit on back together with body parts from the '96 PC I was going to sell. I had just flown out to Springfield, MO and rode the '98 home by February 2nd when we had a window of warm weather. The bike looks great and has Walt Kern's windshield from the '90 PC I bought from him. That windshield has been on the PC's I have ridden on trips since then. I also have a Sunday-go-to meetin' pearl white '89 PC. So, now I have the first year and last year PC's Honda made.

I was asked to write an article on women riders for the magazine put out monthly here at Sun City for Women's Motorcycle Month. I won't use your names but I'd like to give a sampling of the bikes, miles ridden per year or overall, and your occupations, to give people some idea of the women riders I know - and love! We only have one other woman rider here at Sun City and I'd like to give more of an overall look at women riders. I'm also going to mention,  by name, the famous women riders like Dot Robinson, Gloria  Tramontin Struck, Sue and Gin. The article is due May 15, so if you'd reply ASAP that would help me out a lot.

I was think of starting the article with "This is not the motorcycle rider your mother knew... unless she knew Dot Robinson, Gloria Tramontin Struck, Sue and Gin," etc.   

Thanks and love, Barbara  

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