Spokes-Women Pony Express Day, July 30, 1998

This was our day to ride in the Pony Express Tour '98. Our leg was to go from Oxford, NJ to Freehold, NJ, a distance of about 85 miles. One of our members, Carol, also was a principal rider in the preceding leg that started at Port Jervis, NY. As it turned out, one of the principal riders at Port Jervis was unable to do her leg so Barbara Z. from the Spokes-Women volunteered to ride the leg for her. Thus, at Oxford, five of the six arriving and departing principal riders were Spokes-Women members.

There was an extra large group of motorcyclists making the trip to Freehold since we had a Blue Knight's escort of over 10 riders, over 20 associate riders, and riders from District II, the Dawn Patrol Club, the Pony Express core contingent including Sue Slate, Gin Shear and others including two chase vehicles. It just so happened that the Pony Express Tour would be coming to Freehold on the last Thursday of the month. This is the day each month throughout the summer when Freehold welcomes the Kruisers, a group of classic car owners who display their cars on the streets of Freehold to the admiring glances of thousands of on-lookers. Also, for the past few years, a special parking area along Throckmorton Street has been reserved for motorcycles. Thus, Kruise Night attracts many thousands of classic car and motorcycle enthusiasts. This then became the backdrop for the Spokes-Women's entrance into Freehold as they completed their leg of the Pony Express Tour '98.

Our club raised over $12,500. this year in support of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. The Pony Express Tour returns 100 cents for each dollar donated so our contribution will go directly to research.

At the ceremony in front of the Hall of Records, Barbara Z. introduced Amy Handlin, Monmouth County's only woman Freeholder, who spoke about Breast Cancer research. Amy then presented a proclamation to the Spokes-Women from the Board of Chosen Freeholders commending the Spokes-Women's efforts to raise over $12,500 in support of the Pony Express Tour. Then, the formal hand-off ceremony took place to assemble the Bronze Mosaic and pass it to the principal riders from Artemis M/C who will take the next leg of the tour. Patty G. then presented certificates of appreciation to various sponsors.

The following are some pictures taken at both Oxford and Freehold, the two ends of Day 41 of the Pony Express Tour '98.

Sue Slate's BMW
The Journey of Hope

Robin Romaine's air-brushed painting

At Oxford, NJ

Riders handing off to Spokes-Women
Spokes-Women principal riders

Hand-off hug from Barbara to Barbara
Spokes-Women "On Duty"

At Freehold, NJ

7:30 PM: Police vehicles escort the riders of the
Pony Express Tour into Freehold for Kruise Night
Turning into Court Street next to the
Hall of Records

Just another 100 feet and we can rest

Spokes-Women chase van
Our sign

Getting organized
Court Street

Court Street looking toward Main Street

Jane talking to Tom Lindsay,
the voice of Americade
Tom: "My new motto is Not a moment to waste"

Valkyrie police bike

HOPE, a BMW R1200C, in the Courtyard of the Hall of Records

Jane with Amy Handlin, Freeholder, and
Spokes-Women Proclamation

Street scene
In Memory, Honor, and Future Health of ...

Jeannette, a new friend of the Spokes-Women

Sue Slate holds court at the Spokes-Women table

Sue having a good time

Sue Slate and Gin Shear

Gin Shear, Co-founder, the Women's Motorcyclist Foundation(WMF)

Barbara Z. introduces Amy Handlin, Monmouth County's only woman Freeholder
and author of the book, What Ever Happened to the Year of the Woman?

"This is an exciting time to be a woman."
Amy reads the Proclamation

July 30, 1998 is Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club Day
in Monmouth County
Barbara Z. accepts the proclamation

Pony Express core riders begin the hand-off
Spokes-Women principal riders

Woody displays Suki's Box where the
Bronze Mosaic will be assembled
One side of the Heart of the Mosaic

Other side of the Heart of the Mosaic:
One-breasted archer continually aiming for a cure
Assembled Bronze Mosaic

Hand-off from the Spokes-Women to Artemis M/C

Patty G's daughter
Child-size T-shirt bought at the Pony Express stables
in the hope that anyone fitting into it today will not
have to face breast cancer in their future

Gin and Sue close the ceremonies:
Sue: "What a crowd! What a reception!"


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