The Spokes-Women ride to Vermont.

vermont9901.jpg (22859 bytes)

Here's the groupshot from the VT trip.

vermont9902.jpg (18467 bytes)

Up close and personal llama.

vermont9903.jpg (28215 bytes)

Scott and Barbara at Killington Peak!

vermont9904.jpg (29418 bytes)

Linda's not sure if she wants to do a turnaround or not
with that cemetery off to her left.

vermont9905.jpg (28862 bytes)

Ah, look at the baby llama.

vermont9906.jpg (22246 bytes)

Prospective Spokes-Woman, Linda.
(This is Lynn Reidmiller's friend, "Little Linda")

vermont9907.jpg (26813 bytes)

Judy, Laura and Scott at Killington Peak.

vermont9908.jpg (34602 bytes)

Scott and Tamarah at an overlook on the Hudson.
(Tam rode with us for a while but couldn't go all the way to VT.)


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