Aluminum Butt Association


Norm Smith Written 8-28-02

Editor: (Now this sounds like my kind of touring!)

You all know about the Iron Butt group, - 1,100 miles per day for 11 days. Bless those people but with plenty of time in the saddle to think trivia I decided to found a new association (excuse me Mike Knee bone), The Aluminum Butt Association. (Having worked for The Aluminum Co. of America for 40 years I am allowed.)

The rules are simple:

(1) 400 miles per day maximum.

(2) Never ride later than 4:00 pm.

(3) An hour to shower and/or hot tub.

(4) 2 hours for cocktails and conversation.

(5) 2 hours for a leisurely dinner.

Adhering to the above brilliantly crafted constitutional rules will assure us day after day of unalloyed pleasure, shining insights into human nature and the elimination of the corroding effects of long days in the saddle and, oh yes, - piles, no more piles. Maybe some of you have additional suggestions for our budding International Association.

Respectfully, Norm Smith 8-28-02


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