Alex's Birthday Party

Laura tormenting GLoria

Jean and Linda B

Laura (??) and Jean 

Dennis and Lauri 

Pam and GLoria

Gloria and Liz

Jane and Barbara

Liz and Marlene

Gloia, Bob, Lorena, Enso, Denise and Cynthia

Donna, Linda S, Dan S, Dennis, Pam and Lauri

The Palmer Jenkins Quartet

Len (front right) Joyce, Robin and Bucky and Alex waving

Steve and John

Standing: Jean, Linda B., Donna and Laura

Seated: Linda S, Dan S, Dennis, Pam and Lauri

Standing: Jan, Linda

Seated: Judy, Tam, Kate and Bill

Standing: Liz, Jane, Barbara and Marlene

Seated: Kim, Tom and Gloria

Alex sees her caKe

Happy Birthday Alex


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