Ride to Eat..... Eat to Ride

Laura Sisto

Harley has the motto, "Ride to Live and Live to Ride". I am sure that you all have heard that saying before, most Motorcyclists have at one time or another. That is good, but the Spokes-Women live by the by the motto, "Ride to Eat and Eat to Ride".

Usually our rides after our meetings.....well, I guess all of our rides.....end up at a restaurant for lunch or dinner. Even the Charity Events end up with food after the rides. Then there is.... Summer & Ice Cream......Ice Cream & food......or just plain Ice Cream. That was the main theme of our ride after our August Meeting.

Linda B had seen an article in the newspaper about an ice cream shop that makes custom flavors. The shop, Country Cow Creamery in Woodbridge, was famous.....well, sort of. They made two unique flavors for Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne.....you know, of TV & Music fame. Sharon's was a deep dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate fudge weaved through rich chocolate brownies soaked in Godiva liqueur. For a chocolaholic like me that was all I had to hear. Ozzie's carrot cake ice cream sounded good too. So we decided that was it, we were going. Woodbridge wasn't too far from our meeting place in Piscataway, but the Creamery didn't open on Sundays until 2 PM.

Members at lunch at Mom's in Ringos
Seated - Maryann, Marlene, Judy, Rex, Tam and Linda B
Standing - Pat and Laura

Well, we have to have lunch first don't we? So Judy lead us on a nice spirited ride through back roads to Mom's in Ringos, NJ. What a cute little place, and the food was great. It was suppose to be lunch, but when we all saw the menu, we all had breakfast instead. Well, I guess because it was Sunday we can call it Brunch. My Peach Melba french toast was so yummy that I felt like I was having dessert. Maryann had french toast with bananas, and coconut and some other tropical fruit. It also looked good. Linda loves feta cheese, so she had a great omelet. In fact everyone had great food.

From there some of the riders decided that they were closer to home and didn't want to traverse the state again just for ice cream. (What's wrong with them?). So I lead the diehards back towards Woodbridge for Ice Cream. Now, for those of you who know the state, Maryann lives in Jackson, which is no where near Woodbridge, in fact she was closer to home from Ringos. The rest of us live in Northwest NJ, so we were all riding home together. But Maryann.....she would have been riding home alone. SHE must really love Ice Cream......or riding? or Both? Definitely, my kind of girl.

I got everyone up to South Plainfield with no problems....all back roads (you know me). But I had the Mapquest directions in my head, not on paper (you know me). So, I stopped to ask someone where Inman Ave was located.

Then after turning around (no....not in a cemetery! ...that's another story), Maryann tells me that she grew up in the area and knows how to get there. Duh! That is why she came!

We found it, and darn, they didn't have Sharon's ice cream. So I had to settle for one scoop of Ozzie's and one scoop of Grandma's rice pudding. I was in heaven.....we all were. It was well worth the trip and worth many return trips too.

Riding and eating......especially Ice Cream.......what a glorious thing!.

Members at the Creamery
From the Left: Rex, Linda B, Pat, Laura, Maryann (seated left)

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