Holiday Party 2004

Standing: Lynn, Walt, Jane, Rex, Pat, Barbara
Seated: Vernon, Linda B., Laura

Standing: Gage, Adam, Bernadete
Seated: Donna, Alyssa and Edith

Janet and her Mom on the dance floor

Linda B. and Vernon

Ray and Dan S.

Jane and Walt Kern

Adam and Bernadette Warren

Cath, Dennis and Joe Seated

Laura, Pam, Marlene, Jean and Pat G.


Bill just chillin

Laura, Dennis and their son (possible future associate member?)

Laura and Barbara

Children will be children

Lynn, Pat and REx

Judy, Tam, Liz and Charlie

Kim and Tom

Liz and Ray

Dan and Linda S.


Pam and Jean

Cath and her friends

Alex and John

Georgia and friend

Lynn and Linda have been friends since Junior High


Liz and Charlie

Pam and Dennis

Janet and her Family, Bill and Rose

Patty and Arden and the very unusual grab bag gift Patty received.

Cath and Arden

Judy, Corky and Liz


DJ Patty

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