Ride Captain, Barbara Zimmerman

It was a magnificent day, September 12, 2004. After the Spokes-Women meeting we started out with 20 or more – I lost count - bikes for a back road ride to Farmer Lynn’s DanLynn Farm in Pedricktown, South Jersey – that other State. Well, for how long the back road ride took, it could have been to another state. (Luckily I announced that I was stepping down as Ride Captain at the end of this year; otherwise, I would have been impeached or worse!)

I think we hit every light on Route 130, which only half of the riders could get through. So the front waited in the shoulder for the back of the group to catch up. That phenomenon caused much lost time, challenged only by traffic backups. After three hours of riding, and a missed turn, I led our weary band into a WaWa, then a gas station, where I called Lynn to find to everyone’s delight – not –that we had another hour to ride! I wouldn’t exactly call it a mutiny, but about half our number headed back north.

The rest of us arrived at Farmer Lynn’s fabulous spread – not just the farm either! First of all - Lynn is a generous and gracious hostess! She marinated, cut, chopped, sliced and diced for days. Laura S. beat us to the farm, coming across the state from a Harley Rally in Wildwood. She was sweating at the grill, turning chicken, when we pulled in. Lynn had badminton set up and believe it or not some riders had enough energy to do that or walk the back 40 with Lynn for a tour of the DanLynn Farm. We were thoroughly sated and regained inner peace.

A few left before the last of us gathered ourselves up for a fast ride back north on 295. Donna peeled off first heading east on 70. I exited at Route 1. Laura S., Linda and Dan, Gloria, Jean and her friend, Jim, continued north on 95 to 206, with a lot further north yet to travel. It took me only 1½ hours to cover the 80 miles from DanLynn Farm to East Brunswick. Want to know a good way to get to the DanLynn Farm? Route 295 to Exit 7 and a couple of right turns! But these adventures, and Lynn, in particular, provide the makings of stories we’ll tell forever! Thank you, Lynn!

Click Here to see more photos taken at the BBQ.

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