St. Michael's Maryland

Alex and Jean waiting to ride to Walmart for a bathing suit

Marlene and Gloria, can't unlock the helmet from the bike.....duh! she was using the wrong key

Barb and Jean waiting for the rest at the Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD

What we rode down to Maryland for......Crab dinner

Jean, Alex, Laura S, Marlene, Gloria, Barbara and Linda B

Jean taking it easy.....ala Janet style

We ride to eat and eat to ride

Jean and Linda relaxing

Gloria, Jean, Alex and Laura chilling

Restaurant where we ate....on the waterfront

Members bungeeing a bag in the parking lot of the hotel in St.Micheal's

Boats in the harbor of St.Micheals

A bridge in Delaware on the way home

Gloria in the mirror

Yep...they're still there

Heading down the highway

I wonder how this shot was taken?

Spokeswomen on the open road

The trip to St. Michaels was not an uneventful trip for the club. I define an eventful trip as one where something potentially devastating occurs. You a hurricane, tornado, or a wheel falling off the car.

This trip it was member Linda B getting sick, sort of...

It seems that Linda is allergic to aspirin, a fact that she is aware of. Apparently, she had a headache and needed to take something before riding all the way home. She took an Advil.

Unfortunately, no one was aware that there is a little bit of aspirin in Advil and as she was riding along, she became more and more disorientated, and began feeling really sick.

Linda was taken to the hospital by ambulance where fortunately, her allergic reaction was stopped and everything was fixed.

Just to be on the safe side, her family came and trucked her bike back home.

Linda in the hospital

Linda loading her bike for the rest of the trip home


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