My Sturgis Accident


Kate Feeney

I was with a group of three guys on the Canyon Road leaving Sturgis for Deadwood. It was our very last run before we planned to load the bikes on the trailer. We were leaving for home the next day after three weeks of wonderful riding in Black Hills. I did not notice that the boys were taking the road faster than I would have been had I been out on my own. I lost control on a sharp turn.

Luckily I was on the inside (the mountain on my right and the drop off across the road heading downhill) heading uphill at the time .. when I slowed down I was arching too wide for the road. The shoulder was wide and soft buffalo grass .. I am not all that experienced as a biker .. I had only had that VROD about a month .... I opted to go off the road on that shoulder rather than speed up and make it through the next curve.

Unfortunately when I left the road my brakes were locked and the bike jackknifed end over end quite sharply. Fortunately I flew free of the bike as it catapulted breaking off the handlebars. I did not have on a helmet as I was thrown about 50 yards. I did not impact anything and came to rest in a farmers driveway. I had bounced a couple of times but I did have on good body protection .. my face and forearms where I had jacket sleeves pushed up were the only burned skin. My sunglasses never broke and they saved my eyes.

My friends commented that I looked like a professional stuntman. They were surprised that I was alive and so slightly injured. Sturgis emergency services were gallant and kind. We made it home with me in a cast in the back of the truck all the way and with bandages on my face and arms.

My friends then thought that the bike was beyond repair but more careful study proved that about 650.00 in parts and a little patience repaired it. She still needs some cosmetic parts but she runs just fine. My friend has had her out running around just fine.

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