Confession of a First-Time Polar Bear


Patty Gowzdz

First Time Polar Bearer!

So far, since October, and for the first time, I have been on two Polar Bear runs. One in October to Cape May, the second time was after our meeting in November to Old Bridge. I think I really lucked out for both, since the weather was fairly moderate, if not excellent for riding. My Goldwing Trike has heated handgrips that keep my fingers toasty! In fact, sometimes the grips begin to cook my fingers. Although I have been comfortable in my lined jeans and leather jacket, I did find that you should wear warm boots, rather than sneakers.

The cold so far has not been a problem. If there was one minor complaint I had, it was that by the time we get to Polar Bear, all the food is gone! Do you think it has something to do with the female “late gene” that keeps us from arriving on time? In any case, by the time we reached the Polar Bear sign-in, all the other bikers seem to be going in the opposite direction? Can you blame them? They have already eaten everything in site! Although, there was just enough left to get my stomach filled with some great chowder both times, I learned to eat faster, since that whole late thing causes a domino affect, whereby, they dismantle the tables as your finishing. But if you really enjoy good soup, then Polar Bear seems the place to be!

Maybe I will try Polar Bear again, but I'm not sure how I will survive without being plugged in; I do not own an electric suit. There are a few differences I can attest to when riding during the autumn and winter, you work up a bigger appetite. After all, it takes a lot more energy to get your riding gear on and off!



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