Corn Boil


Laura Joiner

AMA District 2 Corn Boil/Pig Roast Lime Run
Sunday, July 24, 2005

After a solid week of 90 degree heat and high humidity, it was wonderful to get out for a ride on a mild 80 degree, low humidity day. The sky was clear, the roads dry and inviting. The start point for the ride was at the Clinton Elks lodge, located not in Clinton but in Franklin Twp less than a mile from my home.

I arrived early at sign-in and found Cath already there, enjoying a chocolate donut and the cool morning air. Although it was a lime dot run, we looked over the route sheet provided to find that we would be covering about 55 miles of scenic local roads winding up around Spruce Run and Round Valley Reservations in Hunterdon County and ending back at the Clinton Elks lodge.

Since a bunch of the Spokes-Women volunteered to flip burgers at 1:00, we wanted to head out as soon as possible to make it back in time. It was a pleasant route that took us about an hour and a half or so to complete, just a little more if you count the one or two detours we took. We had a large group of riders and not one of us took any pictures! Waiting for us at the end point, they had the usual burgers and dogs with the added bonus of , you guessed it, boiled corn on the cob and roasted pig. Delicious!

The band was just starting to play as we sat down to dig in and chit-chat with some folks from other motorcycle clubs. A few vendors were there selling various motorcycle doo-dads, cleaning products and jewelry. I didn't stay very long but there were probably some games and door prizes later on too. Seems like a good time was had by all. Oh yea, Cathy - the guy with the funny hat said to say Hi.

So if you need an excuse to go out for a ride in Hunterdon County, try this out this route (but don't go looking for the lime dots). Instead of ending on Rt 617, just pass the Elks club making the first Left onto HogsBack Rd. and stop by at my place for some tea and conversation.


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