Ocean County Holiday Program


Patty Gwozdz

For the past several years, Spokes-Women have generously provided a monetary contribution in support of Ocean County Social Service's "Holiday Program." It is through our club's assistance, together with contributions from family and friends at Rutgers University that allow gifts of food, new toys and clothing to be purchased for a family in need.

This year’s family includes a 4-year old girl, 3-year old boy, and an 8-month old girl residing in Lakewood, New Jersey. After speaking with their mother, I thought I might share some of the requested gifts. They include anything “Dora the Explorer,” (a future Spokes-Woman I’m sure), dinosaurs, and monster trucks. Our club’s very generous contribution will go far in making this Holiday a very special and joyous occasion.

May I take this opportunity to offer a very heartfelt, “Thank You” to the members of this wonderful club! It is a privilege to share the name “Spokes-Women” with all of you! If I tried to count the many blessings throughout my life, one that would rise to the top would include knowing each one of you ladies!

Some may have heard this before, however, one of my favorite beliefs is that each time you do a good deed, your (Angel) wings grow larger and someday you will make it into heaven!

Wishing you all, good health, love, peace and joy!
Patty G


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