Montgomeryville Cycle Center Polar Bear Run


Liz Smith

Just wanted to let everyone know what a great time Charlie and I had on yesterday's Polar Bear run to Montgomeryville Cycle Center. Due to the weather we went by car, but so did most of the others who showed up. I saw only two bikes (intrepid souls!) while we were there.

I had never been to this dealership, but WOW! Was I ever impressed. They are a multi-brand dealership, and have a selection of clothing, accessories, parts, helmets, you name it - that can't be beat. I could not believe how deeply discounted their helmets were and Charlie and I bought me a new one for Christmas.

The staff there was very friendly and courteous, and I really appreciated the way in which I was taken very seriously. The gent behind the counter spent about a half an hour with me looking up helmet info, handing me small and extra small sizes of different brands to try on, and showing me a "cut-away" version of the one we ultimately bought to explain its features.

Only after I spied this gent's name on his business card did I realize that he was a good friend of Judy & Tam's - he is one of the Reduc organizers (that's the group they belong to through which they do track days). It was a pleasure to meet him and chat with him.

The food was unbelievable! They had two whole roast pigs, potato salad, cole slaw, rolls, bread stuffing, pork gravy, bbq sauce, & horseradish sauce. They also had donuts and coffee... All for free.

Due to the pre-holiday schedule as well as the inclement weather the turnout was understandably light. I did not see any other red vests there (at least not before we left). BUT the good folks at Montgomeryville Cycle Center were wonderful Polar Bear hosts - and if you're in the market for a new helmet or boots or any other fairly pricey items I would recommend you take a trip out there to check out there selection and prices. It turned out to be VERY much worth our while.

Hopefully next weekend's weather will be a bit better. In the meantime, stay safe through the next couple of day's white stuff!

--Liz Smith


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