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Pat Gwozdz

Editor's Note: Over the last 20 years "The Scott House" has been home to dozens of children from abusive homes and/or whose parents have severe drug problems. It is a place where children can recover from drug-related and dysfunctional family problems. They hay achieved remarkable results. It takes 12-24 months of special care and attention before these children can be placed in a normal home setting. Some of the children have been restored to their families, while others have been placed in responsible homes. The Scott's have adopted tenof the children into their own family. Spokes-Women donates part of money we raise for charity to the Scott House every year.

As you know, we recently visited The Scott House on Sunday to deliver a donation. This was my first ride to the home and I must admit that I was very impressed. Rev. Scott was very welcoming and I sensed a true humanitarian by his demeanor. The home-scape was beautiful situated in a picturesque ranch-like setting, and the nursery within the home was truly well-equipped and immaculate.

However, what impressed me the most were the adopted children of the Scotts. Inquisitive, intelligent, cleanly dressed (as much as kids at play can be) and well-behaved! How could you not fall in love with each and every one! It's wonderful that the club financially supports this organization. However, it struck me that we ride in, drop off our donation, and then ride out!

So, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to keep in touch from time to time with the children and asked the Rev. if maybe I could write to the children. The man was thrilled that the children might receive a letter or card from one of us. Then he listed the name and age of the 9 children! And so this brings me to the point of my email! It sure would be great if some of us became a pen-pal to a child. Even if we dropped a card from time to time, think of the joy of receiving mail (I know I thought it was great to receive mail as a child).

This is all voluntary and if you care to help out, contact me and let me know which child you would like to communicate with so I can keep track of which child has a pen-pal and who doesn't.

Anne - 24
Jonetta - 17
Cassie - 14
Mike - 15
Scott - 8
Christen - 8
Matt - 7
Eddie - 5
Destiny - 3 (She really likes her duck pizza-dough)

Pat G

Editor's Note: If you would like more information about the Scott House, visit The Scott House.


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