Sturgis Ride Part II- 2005 Story and Part I photos

Alex riding down Route 94 in North Dakota

Barbara Rt. 94 North Dakota

Barbara & Laura, Custer State Park, SD

Alex, Pita, Barbara, Marlene, Cathy, Linda, Laura Custer State Park

Pita, Cathy, Alex, Danny, Linda, Marlene, Barbara, Laura on Mt
Coolidge lookout, Custer State Park

Cathy Rt 94 North Dakota

Group with bison Custer State Park

Laura & Linda Lunch across from Niagara Falls

Leaving Yellowstone towards Montana

Montana Mountains in Yellowstone during Golden Sunset

Cathy, Laura, Alex, Linda, Jan, Pita in front of Niagara Falls

Waiting for the Trolley in Sandusky OH

Group shot at Bridal Falls along Spearfish Canyon SD

Linda Rt 94 North Dakota

Devil's Tower, WY


Group shot Sandusky OH

High above the Wyoming countryside on route to Devil's Tower.


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