Winter Riding


Laura Sisto

This is my fourth Polar Bear season, the first I didn't make my points, we had a lot of snow that year. The second year I made my thirty points, last year I made the 45 points....will I make the 60 this year? Possibly, if Mother Nature cooperates.

Why do I ride Polar Bear, because it gives me the opportunity to ride all year round, because I LOVE TO RIDE....period. When I am on that bike, enjoying the fresh air, all my problems seem to go away, you lose yourself in the beautiful day...or the countryside. You feel so free. So as long as there is no snow on the ground, or I don't have a family commitment, I will ride. It also gives me the opportunity to spend some time with my friends.

Do I like the cold? Thanks to Menopause, my internal heating system is stuck on constant "hot", so I don't feel the cold as badly as others do. I don't have any heated gear, other than Barbara's old gloves, which I have only plugged in once....and had to rip them off at a stop sign because my hands were burning up. I mostly use them on real cold days, because unplugged, they are still thicker than my other gloves.

I dress in layers, silk or microfiber underwear, fleece lined jeans and chaps. Then on top again the underwear, a long sleeve shirt, a light weight fleece and my leather jacket. If it's real cold I may wear my ski jacket instead of the leather jacket. I ride a Harley and have those vinyl snap on mud flaps that go on the engine guards.....they really help keep my legs warm. They deflect the air from the hot engine up to my body. I would highly recommend getting some if you have engine guards, it doesn't have to be a Harley. But you have to take them off, as well as some of the clothing layers, if the temperature goes over 50 degrees.

So, are you going to join me?


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