Barbara's Baby's Boo Boos

By BZ Rider

Sunday, June 25 - Separated at light from the group after lunch in Front Royal, VA. Raining horribly - can't see. Chase vehicle, Patty, Carol, Arden and Jay, pass me. I'm on a very narrow piece of shoulder where I pulled off because I just couldn't see! They’re parked on a safe shoulder ahead. I get to them. I pull in behind. They don't move out. I realize they want me to go first. But I can't see. I want to follow their taillights. I try to move up to tell them that. I stop. Left foot slips on something in road. I go over. I'm in the middle of the lane. No visibility - it's raining so hard. Attached to bike by CB cord, running in circles, afraid me and bike will be run over. Trying to wave down cars. One stops. Carol, with Patty and my help – very little, pushes bike up. Can’t find keys. Patty doesn’t realize they’re in her pocket. Bike starts. Drive to side of road. Carol and Patty soaking wet - only have t-shirts on. Left side view mirror/turn signal assembly hanging by electrical wire. Patty gets rain jacket on and duct tape to secure assembly to bike. Mirror’s in pieces. We go. I can’t see. Mirror starts flapping, now hanging by wire again. See large paved school lot. Pull off, call Patty, tell her I’m calling for help.

I see a little wooden shack about 50 yards. Limp over – toe on left foot hurts. Go in. No one’s there. Call Honda Riders Club - wants to tow me to Harrisonburg. Tow truck can’t come for 2 hours! It’s a recycling center office with nice young convict in gray and white jersey prison garb, think it’s something kids are wearing, and older gentleman. Tell kid he shouldn’t be smoking and he’s too nice to be in jail. Kid tells me uncle just down road tows. Call Honda Riders Club and cancel. Call kid’s uncle – just sitting down to dinner, will come in 1 hour.

6:00 p.m. - Shack has to be closed. Back to bike. Rain stopped. Pull open trunk, one inch of water in bottom. Get tools. Try to reattach assembly. Rip off bottom - hanging by foam. Can do Allen wrench - not screws. Tape inner part, then outer. Wipe face shield. Toe feels broken. Stow glasses. Waterproof gloves soaked. Leave them off. Back on 340. Wrong turn at T-intersection. Pull over. Man comes out of house with umbrella to help me read map – raining again and don’t have glasses on.

On my way – finally! Seeing things - hallucinating? Stop - look at final address. Stop in Waynesboro at Texaco for gas and directions to Days Inn. Get there about 8:30 p.m. Left great toe’s purple. Dinner. Bed about 11:30 p.m.


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