Excursion of Extremes
By Cathy Garrett

The trip to Athens, Georgia was an excursion of the extremes. We had, The King and convicts, heat, torrential rain and beautiful weather. We traveled the least on the longest day and managed the most mileage covered on a short day. We had straight slab highways 81 and 78 and twisty mountainous Routes 221 and 129. We had Spokes-women that stayed with roommates from the start of the trip and one member who couldn't keep a roommate. We had survivors and casualties. We sat in the front rows for Survival tactics and in the baclk row for the opening ceremonies. We had inaccurate directions to nowhere and correct directions with wrong turns. We knew where we were most of the time but at times couldn't tell you even which State we were in.

We had Fallingwater and the Miss Rose house. We made new friends and reaffirmed old ones. We learned many good new riding tips and found out why the old ways weren't quite so good. Traveled through time yet stayed in the same place. Got on a stationary bike that moved you in unexpected ways.

We retired exhausted but never hungry. We ate in places everyone liked and also ate in places nobody liked. We challenged ourselves and endured extreme conditions we couldn't control.

These are the experiences that make a lifetime of memories that we wouldn't trade away.

There was laughter shared, moments of concern expressed, there were bonds that kept us together, there was care given and words spoken that infuriated.

There were moments in times you thanked God you got to experience and other times when you questioned your sanity. There were fireworks in the air and on the ground. When you travel a Spokes-Women vacation you learn to expect the extremes. In fact extreme seems to be the dominant criterion.

You will be left with indelible memories, pictures of beautiful scenery from someplace that might not be identifiable. You will get Other Spokes-Women pictures of beautiful scenery from someplace that also may be unidentifiable. You will have pictures of an idealic country field that hold this country's most horrific yet courageous memories to commensurate the heros of flight 93.

You will have pictures of places to rekindle your memories. You will have pictures of faces you now consider friends. You will be left with clichés and phrases that mean nothing to anyone not there but bring a smile to your lips.

You will be left with an appreciation and gratitude for all the work that Lala does to make these trips safe and enjoyable.

Oddly enough you will be left with a yearning to do it all again next year.

Ladies to borrow a phrase, Let's Roll!

Last, but not least, thanks for the memories.


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