Kentucky Showdown

By Pool Shark Patty

We arrived at the Ramada Inn in Paintsville, Kentucky after riding through another downpour. However, by this time the girls had all grown fins and enjoyed the wet sunshine! After check-in, and finally reaching the hotel restaurant, we sat down to enjoy a tasteless meal.

Since Jan & Pat are reputed pool players, the club mermaids, Angelfish Alex, Leaf Fish Linda, Barracuda Barb, Jaguar Catfish Jay, and the most Lethal Leporinous Laura challenged the renown dynamo-duo at the hotel game room.

You could tell these mermaids were sharks in disguise, since they carried their pool sticks with assured self-confidence. Coolly stacking the rack...or racking the stack...Lucky Leaf Fish Linda broke the first set of balls. Alas! A disastrous start for the dynamo-duo. Low balls ricocheted off the multitude of green cushions finding their way into the black abyss of pockets. Jan & Pat remained in control and let the ladies have their moment in the sun as the pack continued to clear the table.

As the game wore on...and on...and on, the dynamo-duo held their ground and waited until just the right moment to skillfully sink the mermaid’s dreams of triumph!

The game continued until only the eight ball remained marooned standing sentry on a sea of green. Tension filled the air until it was as thick as mud. All that could be heard was a bizarre gurgling sound. Apparently, the mermaids believed they were serenely singing their siren song that would send the dynamo-duo crashing into the rock-hard arms of defeat! This was the decisive moment...the last shot! After the eight ball went whirling in...uhhhh... that gurgling sound I was the sound they made as the cue-ball (white ball) sunk to the bottom of its tomb faster then the Titanic! Jan & Pat raised their glasses in conquest as they escaped the tentacles of defeat!



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