Helping Hand At Christmas


Pat Gwozdz

One day in 1993 while driving into work, I heard a community service announcement about the Ocean County Board of Social Services requesting assistance with their Holiday Program. Families in need sign up to participate in the program.

Since 1993, Arden and I have participated. Social Services provides the name's of a family who have signed up to receive gifts. After receiving the names, address and contact number, I call the recipient and request the size of apparel and the children's interests. The request then goes out within my office at Rutgers, to family and friends and more recently to Spokes-Women for donations of food, new clothing and toys.

Many times we receive monetary donations which is ultimately divided between requested items or food. It is not difficult to understand why we participate, or why each year the generosity of our family, friends and co-workers continue to support this program. Each year as we deliver gifts to the families we come to understand the many blessings in our lives.

Unless you enter the world of poverty and see it with your own eyes, then many times we forget how truly fortunate we are.

So I would like to say to everyone who donated gifts to our Holiday Program 2006:

Your generosity was overwhelming for our family. Contributions included exactly what the children needed or requested in new toys and clothing. The monetary donations allowed me to purchase a beautiful dress outfit and new winter coat for Jasmine, Robert and Angelina. Additionally, the family received a full week of groceries including a ham, chicken and roast. May I take this opportunity to thank you for helping in a very worthy cause. May you all be rewarded ten-fold for the kindness you demonstrated.

Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

Pat G


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