The Javits Center International Motorcycle Exhibition
Saturday, January 21, 2006


Michle Reutty

My feet are hurting, and I am to-the-bone tired, but it’s a good tired that comes from expending energy while having a good time. Today I attended my first Javits Center International Motorcycle Show, having been stopped by a blizzard last year. I’ve attended a couple of shows in Jersey and each had its separate charms-the testosterone-laden Harley Rendezvous and the family fun Northeastern Expo. Well, if there was a theme to this show it would be big. I mean BIG. From the venue (what can you say about a show room where they actually have motocross drivers doing jumps and stunts?), to Paul Teutul, Sr.’s “guns”, to the “names” at this show, to the lines at the Men’s Room????

I went with my friend, Tom (Harley 2005 Electra Glide). He is always good company. We took the Weehawken Ferry and by the looks of our fellow passengers in leather and denim, we all were headed for the same place. A short walk of a city block and a half and we were there.

I want to write down the things I saw and did before time fades the memory, so please excuse the format. There is no particular order, but all were memorable.

  • I saw Indian Larry’s bikes in person. A book is coming out soon on his life. To se the bikes in person was a real thrill.
  • Seeing Billy Lane in person. Hubba hubba.
  • Matt Hotch-his bikes defy description…all I could do was look and dream.

I saw the Teutuls in person. Well, at least as much as I could see of them from behind a crowd behind a fence around them. Vinnie, without his baseball cap has the face of a Botticelli angel. Paul Sr. hasn’t a wrinkle on his face—no kidding! (Of course this comes from years of clean living and meditation). Paul Jr. had something nice to say to every autograph hound and Mikey-well, Mikey brings the party with him.

There was Frogg Toggs-wet weather gear at what seemed like reasonable prices. When I asked how you keep pipes from burning through the pant leg, they showed me a sleeve which fits over your pipe-side leg. The material looked like (and probably was) ironing board cover material. That was $17 extra. I still have the scar from the last pipe burn.

I had heard so much on the radio from Rocco DiSpirito about the Aprilia that I had to check it out. Nice styling, but not for me. Now the classic styling of the Victory…ahhhhhhhhhh.

I talked with a Harley regional manager…I thanked him for the Karen Davidson Sturgis Competition and for setting aside a section of the webpage for female bike riders. He told me that women now account for 12% of Harley’s new buyers. I asked why Harleys were still being built for a man’s specifications and furthermore, if they were truly courting female clientele, they could take into consideration that women STILL get paid $.66 for every dollar a man earns for the same job. I was on a rant by then and I said—“And another thing-your slogan-“Liberating women one motorcycle at a time.” You don’t ride a bike and then become liberated…you are liberated, and then you decide to ride a bike.” [ Editor's note: Amen, I say! ] Well, I thanked him for his time and he said he’d let corporate know.

Crepes! Would you believe that they sold crepes made fresh at this motorcycle show? I think someone should do a doctoral dissertation on the food that is served at these shows-no beef jerky at this show, but sugared nuts (at the Nuts 4 Nuts stand) and salads!

I met my friends Chita and Steven (Roadmaster) for lunch. We are trying to get Chita on a bike of her own. She loves to ride with Steven, and was very impressed by the artwork on the bikes at the show. Steven did a wonderful job of documenting the show in pictures. You can find a link to these at here. His Weblog is here.

I did try to behave myself, but when I sat on that sheepskin-covered gel seat, I told the man that it was the second nicest thing I ever felt. He’s going to use that line in his advertising. Tee Hee.

I met Linda Sackerman’s cousin Rich at the N.J. Rider’s Education table. He showed me a picture of his wife, Linda’s cousin, and there’s no denying they’re related--good looking family all.

The reason Rich asked if I knew Linda was my Spokes-Women colors, which I wore for the first time today. I felt a little naked-what with no pins in it yet, but oh so very proud. One woman tapped me from behind and said, “Spokes-Women…I LIKE that!” I gave her the web @ddy, but wished I had some cards to distribute.

Speaking of NJ women’s riding clubs, I met members of the Diamonds and Pearls MC out of Mountainside, NJ. Their colors were beautifully styled-really unique. One of their members, Star, and I talked about visiting each other’s clubs. Should we have an ambassador who visits other clubs? How about a powwow of women’s MC clubs in NJ??? They are having their 4th Annual Cookout and Bike Blessing on August 12 at Echo Lake Park. Admission is $5. On Saturday, February 11, they are holding their Sweet Indulgence Party as a fundraiser.

I also saw members of the Jerzee D’Vahs and the Endless Curves M.C.’s The woman from Endless Curves gave me a card for the 4th Annual Female Sport Biker Weekend, to be held from Friday, June 23 to Sunday, June 25 at Atlantic City. It is co-sponsored by the D’Vahs and the Endless Curves.

Things I bought: Zooke--an emulsion that keeps your eyeglasses, face shield or goggles from fogging up. Chaps from Devine Design - $50 for a pair of starter chaps. Good price for the quality and good for a beginner. I also got those Pin Locs for the pins I hope to add to my colors.

Thing I would have bought had I had the money to spare other than a Victory motorcycle: a T-Bag that slips over your sissy bar. Might be just what I need for the Athens, GA trip.

Funniest thing I saw that I didn’t buy: for all those skin headed bikermen—do-rags with long hair attached.

What I thought I should buy…? An inflatable vest that deploys when the lanyard that anchors it to your bike pulls out of its socket when you are launched in the air. AireTronics is the manufacturer.

I really don’t want to buy this: an entire DVD of “Stunts Gone Wrong;” your worst motorcycle night mares captured on DVD.

What I did buy: a Lady Biker patch with roses and wings. As I was looking at the patches, a guy on the other side of the table asked, “Do you see any “I’m a Moron” patches?” I said, “Nope, they sold out.” I also bought a smaller rose with a John 3:16 rocker to place above it on my denim jacket.

Where I’d like to go to buy: Perhaps a ride to New Hope would be nice. A shop called After the Ride had some beautiful German silver and leather jewelry and accessories.

Can you say squeamish? More than one vendor was selling custom formed ear plugs. You sit there while the technician fills your ear canal with gook that firms up into custom ear plugs. If you look up the word squeamish in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of the guy at the show who was having his ear filled with this stuff from what looked like a huge toy syringe.

Sir Anthony Hopkins will be in a movie opening in February called “The World’s Fastest Indian.” The Indian in the title is the motorcycle that set the world’s land record for motorcycles that still stands today.

One of the sponsors is Sick Boy motorcycles. I bought a ski cap with “Sick Boy” on it and the vendor asked if it was for my husband. I said, no--I was buying it for one of my sons--to warn potential dates.

SAC Roadstore had some nifty accoutrements: talon kickstands and footpegs with a skeletal hand giving the finger—all in gleaming chrome.

There were lots of running lights for sale, and UFO lights--the kind of brake lights that start out in a rotating pattern then flashes and then becomes a constant red.

I didn’t know there was a motorcycle hall of fame, but now I know it’s in Ohio. They advertise “something for everyone.”

Best t-shirt--no contest: Reaperwear saying on a t-shirt: “Does this bike make my butt look fast?”

Two-way tie for second place

  • “If you can read this the bitch just passed your ass.”
  • “This bitch doesn’t fall off.”

And finally-this t-shirt from Dangerous Design gets the Truth in Advertising Award:

“SMB-Single Male Biker. Enjoys long Sunday morning rides, spontaneous stops at strip clubs and, after a long day of riding, an evening of Internet porn surfing. Also likes long walks to the XXX video store. Seeks Super Model to stay at home to cook and clean. Must enjoy working on motorcycles (naked) while getting me beer.”


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