A Note from Florida


Lynn Lynco

My husband, Dan, and I are doing very well. He's starting to amass parts for a chopper he will begin building next year, down here that will have a 93 cubic inch shovelhead engine. (That means that it's not a factory made engine. The S&S motor will have to be "bored out", whatever that means! lol) Most choppers have stock engines in them. Also, his will be a rubber mount so it'll be ride-able. (Most choppers out there can't be ridden far because they're kidney busters, or hard tails.) He's also got a flat of tomato seedlings started to use in our new green house on the farm when we return. He has such a green thumb, they all came up!

Daytona's starting to get ready for Bike Week. Some of the RV's stayed over from Race Week, waiting for Bike Week. The camp grounds are starting to fill up and the biker bars (Iron Horse and Boot Hill Saloon) are starting to get full of folks. 2006 Bike Week shirts are already out for sale! There's more bikes on the road every day.

I'm going to try to make the April meeting if I don't have to sell King Kernel's Kettle Korn somewhere...

Enjoy your polar bear runs!
My love to all!


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