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Each year the club participates in the annual Trick or Suite celebration at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Piscataway, NJ. This is a special Halloween celebration for handicapped children. These children have both physical and mental handicaps. This event provides them with a safe place to go trick-or-treating each year. Organizations use a suite to set up different themes and members dressed in costumes hand out candy to the children. This year's theme for Spokes-Women was the Wizard of Oz.

The event is special for everyone who attends. The children love it. Their families are happy to see them have so much fun and the participants in the suites get to be thankful for how fortunate they are not to be handicapped. Over the years, I've published thank you letters from parents. This time I though I would publish letters from some of the club members who participated in the event. Please check out the photos before you read what Pat and Liz have to say. Trick or Suite Photos.

From Patty:

Thank you to our participants and decoration committee for Trick or Suite! What an "over-the-top" job you all did!!!

Thank you Liz for allowing me to head the committee. I know how special this event is to you and all your work coordinating.
Thank you to Alex for the great great Emerald City! Thank you Carol for bringing the bike and lending the tin man costume!
Thank you Janet for being the best Dorothy ever!!! You were really great with the children! Thank you Kathy for being the big-hearted Tin Man! Thank you Michelle for being the wonderful green-faced Wicked Witch!

Thank you Judy & Alex for keeping the troop supplied with candy & drinks! Thank you Pam for helping with Cleanup!
Last, but not least a big BIG thank you to Linda for taking pictures!

Thank you one and all for sharing in this very worthy and gratifying event!!! You all made Spokes-Women MC extremely Proud!!!!

Pat G

From Liz:

I would like to add my thank you's to Patty's, and would like to thank her for taking on the decorating committee. I would also like to thank Patty for procuring the drinks to be handed out and for playing a most wonderful Scarecrow!

And thank you to Alex, who brought me a cold washcloth and kept an eye on me to make sure I didn't overheat in my Cowardly Lion costume. ;-) (for those who didn't see the costume, it was a full body fake fur costume with a part rubber part fake fur mask - perhaps I should wear it for Polar Bear!)

I would also like to thank those who brought extra candy to hand out - we handed out just about all of the candy on hand.

And my thanks to anyone who Patty or I missed in our thank-you's - those who loaned costumes, helped with makeup, or anything else. Thank you!

One last thing - I would like to share a little story with you that not too many of you saw.

At the end of the evening, there were a few straggler trick-or- treaters a little after 7 p.m. Most of us had adjourned to the back room to change into "street clothes", but I was still in costume with one or two others trying to unload the last few handfuls of candy.

As one small group left the suite, I noticed a very small boy in a Batman costume standing near the door and looking at the "Cowardly Lion". After a moment, he ran up to me and stopped, looking up at me. Without a word, he threw his arms around my "lion legs" and gave me a great big hug.
Then just as quickly, he darted off to rejoin his family.

This totally caught me off guard, especially since many of the very small kids didn't know what to make of the Lion and were a little frightened. Talk about melting your heart! It's these little things and the looks on the kids' faces (and their parents' or caretakers' faces) that make this event worthwhile.
Thank you all again for your support for this event.



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