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When Walt first purchased his white 1998 SE Gold Wing in 1997 he joined the GWRRA. He only rode that bike for about a year when I had started to have difficulty getting my leg up over the seat of my Honda PC. It had become very painful for me to lift my right leg up onto the riding peg so Walt decided to convert his Gold Wing to a Trike for me. After I started riding the trike, I joined GWRRA too.

After that, we decided to join the local GWRRA club here in Freehold, NJ.
The local chapter is better known by the name of F-Troop. Each Gold Wing club selects a couple to be the Directors of their club and they also select members of the club to serve with them.

This year Walt and I have been so honored to have been selected to serve as the COY (Couple of the Year) Chapter Couple 2006 for F-Troop. We feel so honored to have been chosen. This year we will serve as the Ambassadors for F-Troop. We will try to spread good will with a smile and a big hug.

I have been a member of the Spokes Women motorcycle club for fourteen years.
It was my first club and I am still honored to say I am a member of Spokes Women . I still enjoy coming to the meetings when I can and have met some of my very best friends there. The members of Spokes Women are the greatest!


About The Gold Wing Road Riders Association

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) is an international association for Gold Wing and Valkyrie motorcycle riders, co-riders and associate members. GWRRA is a social/fraternal organization created for the pleasure, recreation, safety, exchange of information, coordination of common motorcycle efforts, promotion of camaraderie and friendship of its Members, without political or religious affiliations.

GWRRA was started June 4, 1977, by seven people with a common interest of riding Gold Wing motorcycles. They wanted to establish an association that would allow freedom from regulatory membership, yet still provide benefits superior to those available from other, more ordinary, motorcycle groups.

Now, almost 29 years later, the Association continues to grow and flourish. Today there are over 75,000 Members spread across the United States and 48 other countries! There are over 900 Chapters where Members gather to have fun and live the motto of "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge."

The Association is built on four simple ideals. One is to "promote safety" so we can continue to enjoy our hobby of riding. The second is to "promote friendship" among all the biking public. The third is to "promote the positive image of the motorcycle rider" to continue to strive to overcome the negative image many non-motorcyclists attach to folks like us. The fourth ideal is to "promote fun." After all, life is too short not to enjoy, and the one common thread that runs through this Association is the FUN factor

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