Women in the Wind Ride


The South Jersey Chapter of Women in the Wind, The Riding Divas (North Jersey Chapter of WITW) and the Spokes-Women went for a Saturday afternoon ride. We met at a gas station on Route 1 in Bordentown to start the ride which went over Washington's crossing into Pennsylvania then up to the Ralph Stover State Park and then back for lunch in Bordentown.

Stopping at Ralph Stover State Park, PA. Lala was heading for the bathroom.

Jan M's saying we went the wrong way!

Alex et all joining the group after making a wrong turn

The Three club's vests

Judy, Tam and Patty at Mastoroni's in Bordentown

WITW South Jersey member, Alex and Jan T.

Jan T, Lala, Riding Diva member

Carol, Cathy, Linda B and Donna


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