No One Called Me!!!
by Laura Sisto
July 2007

I had mentioned at the meeting, that we were going to go to Bone Fish Grill on Route 22 in Greenbrook. But since a lot of members were not there, I thought that I would send a reminder by way of email on Monday 7/23.

Since it was short notice….the next day…..I told everyone to give me a call on the cell phone if they were intending to join me. WELL… one called me.

Tuesday, 7/24, the torrential rain from the previous day had stopped and dried up, so I rode my bike to work…..still… no one called me.

It was getting close to the end of the day ….and still no one had called…but there have been times when someone will just show up without calling…..and it was a beautiful day for riding, so I decided that I better go down there….checked my phone….no one called me.

I got to the Bone Fish Grill exactly at 7 pm, the scheduled time from the email. I pulled into the lot, drove around and found one bike….it looked like Gloria’s bike. But when I got closer, I realized that it was a Concours….not her BMW.

I parked my “clean” (yes, I finally washed it after the Nova Scotia trip) bike in a slot near the door and went in to see if perhaps someone possibly drove there by car …..but alas… one called me ….and no one showed up!!!!

When I walked into the place, I was glad that I had gone there from work ….with my work clothes…it was a bit more formal, dressier….not what I had expected…but then I had never been there.

I am so glad that I stayed….the food and service was fantastic. I ordered this “starter” Saucy Shrimp…..OH MY GOD!!! It was so good, if I had known how good, I would have ordered two plates and made it my main meal. I then had a cup of corn chowder with lump crab… was OK, but I wouldn’t order it again. For the main meal I ordered Atlantic Salmon with warm Mango Salsa, and scallop potatoes as my side. All their dishes are accompanied with a “fresh vegetable garnish”….????? Well in this case it was corn, cut off the cob (you could tell); mixed in with warm chopped ham and some cilantro…..also very good I didn’t leave any behind. The shrimp had done me in….as well as the fantastic bread….they cook using a wood burning oven. I couldn’t finish my dinner, so I took it with me….and I got a picture of my bike….all alone in the parking lot…..because…..NO ONE CALLED ME !!!!!!!


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