Who is this Strange Rider?
by Laura S
July 2007

For several years the Spokes-Women have been participating in the Dawn Patrol’s Memorial Day Run. It is always held on the Sunday before Memorial Day, and its always a well organized run….well, after being an organized club for 70 years, you expect these guys and gals to get it right every time, and they do.

Being that it is a long weekend, I usually like to take a long trip, but this year I was too busy planning our trip to Nova Scotia, I just didn’t have the time or energy to plan another one….so I was free to go to the run.

On the Monday before, I sent out the usual email to the club, notifying them of the weekend’s rides and told everyone to meet at 9:30 at the registration site. My usual riding partners from North Jersey, Pita and Danny, couldn’t go, so off I went to see who, from the club, would be joining me.

When I got there, I noticed Barbara’s bike…..hard to miss that red Pacific Coast, Susan showed up with Jim, and Kathy Stelnick was there, but they were not going to ride with us. Then I saw a stranger in a red vest and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Laura Joiner actually RODE!!!!

This was Laura’s first ride in …..What, close to four years??? You see, she stopped riding while she was pregnant with had her first baby, Zachary…..then came Sarah….so her hands have been full.

Her poor bike has been sitting in her garage ... whimpering with sad eyes ... waiting to be ridden. Laura didn’t have the heart to sell her, after all this was truly her first baby, she kept telling me she would ride again….but I had my doubts!!! So the three of us Barb, Laura and I took off following the lime dots with the accompanying direction sheet. It was a great ride, thanks Mark ... the three of us enjoyed it very much ... Laura was back into the flow of riding like she rode yesterday ... not the four years ago.
We got back to the Dawn Patrol’s club house in time to grab some great food, Bob sat with us and kibitzed for a while

Then Laura had to go home…..to her Great husband Dennis, who stayed home watching Zach and Sarah, while he let his wife go out to play with the girls….especially her beautiful Bandit 1200.

Dennis…..SW thanks you too!!!!....can she come out to play again??????


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