What’s In A Color
By Pat Gwozdz

On February 6, 2007 The New York Times had an interesting article by Natalie Angier called, “How Do we See Red? Count the Ways.” The following was taken from the article.

“Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, that sweet Hallmark holiday when you can have anything your heart desires, so long as it’s red. Red roses, red nighties, red shoes and red socks. Red Oreo filling, red bagels, red lox.

As it happens, red is an exquisite ambassador for love, and in more ways than people may realize. Not only is red the color of the blood that flushes the face and swells the pelvis and that one swears one would spill to save the beloved’s prized hide. It is also a fine metaphoric mate for the complexity and contrariness of love. In red we see shades of life, death, fury, shame, courage, anguish, pride and the occasional overuse of exfoliants designed to combat signs of aging.”

The article continues to describe the color red as, “a signaling color… for fruitful bounty, …warning for fatal poison,…boasting a sturdy constitution, …and if you want to make a point, your make it in red.

Love, pride, courage, making a point...it might be said that is why the founding members of Spokes-Women chose the color red for their vests. In any case, I would not want the club vest any other color! Good choice and Happy Valentines Day!


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