Javits International Motorcycle Show
New York City
January 20, 20007

Pat Gwozdz

Riddle: What turns blue, could swear they saw an iceberg floating down the Hudson, and wish the promoters of the IMCS would hold the show in August…in Maui! Right…Me!

At least that is how I felt this past Saturday walking to and from the new Weehawken Ferry terminals to arrive at the International Motorcycle Show at the Javits Center! At least the sun was shining…little good that did!

Many of you are familiar with the Pony Express Tours to benefit Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and their organizers Sue Slate and Gin Shear, also founders of Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation, Inc. A request was made to National and Regional Clubs to assist at their booth during the show. After volunteering, the following email was received: “We got our toe in the door at the last minute to promote Women and Motorcycling this year. However, it's turning out to be a great start that will lead to bigger and better things down the road for women motorcyclists in particular and motorcycling in general. You are each in on a pioneering start. We look to you for your advice and suggestions for next year as WE WILL HAVE A BOOTH AT ALL 14 INTERNATIONAL SHOWS for the 2007-2008 series.”

In my opinion, this seemed to be a really good opportunity to not only promote women motorcyclists, but also our club, and to assist their continued efforts to raise funds for breast cancer research.

Of course I had planned to attend the show anyway, and leaving a couple of hours sooner did not seem a big deal. I’m glad I did! Meeting other women from local and national clubs was great and certainly provided a new insight and respect for women in motorcycling. Specifically, one young lady in her 80’s from Motor Maids; who I may say still rides!

Upon learning her age, I nearly hit the floor! More importantly, what a wonderful role model and inspiration she is. Yes the show provided new and innovative cruisers, racers, gimmicks and gadgets, and special camaraderie only bikers can understand, but meeting her was a real highlight of the day.

So ladies…I wanted to share with all of you the new found knowledge that as long as you can still recognize your motorcycle…you can ride!


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