Knights of Fire Escorted Scenic Ride
by Pat Gwozdz
August 12, 2007

Among our very talented and expert club riders, Adrienne Del Favero (a.k.a. Age’d) is one the very best! Not only is Adrienne a member of Spokes-Women, she is a dedicated member of the Knights of Fire, New Jersey Parent Chapter, and one of their extremely skilled Road Captains. This, I can attest to with FIRST-HAND knowledge!

Sunday, August 12th, Spokes-Women joined Adrienne at their annual Knights of Fire, Police Escorted Scenic Ride in charitable support of the Firemen’s home in Boonton. The Knights of Fire consist of police, firemen, and emergency medical professionals. Adrienne offered to ride me on her 2005 Harley Ultra Classic as she assisted with other Road Captains and local Police in escorting the riders on an 80 mile run to Skyline Drive and around Greenwood Lake in New Jersey.

Of course, there was the issue of riding my own machine (pictured at right), or being the Bee-otch! However, if anyone knows me at all, I could care less, as long as you do not call me late for FOOD!

Ever ride Route 80 without cars, trucks or buses? Where only a long line of motorcycles ride the center road with no oncoming or exiting traffic? Where traffic lights are ignored and the ride is non-stop down highways and byways through the Ramapo Mountains? Well we did! And what a fantastic journey! However, what made it a great deal of fun, and a unique experience was riding with Road Captain Adrienne.

During an escorted tour where Police stop all traffic except for participating riders, the procedure takes a great deal of skill and coordination. Uniformed police ride their motorcycles at the head of the line. Road Captains ride directly behind the police, with all other riders following behind. One by one each officer rides out to block vehicles from entering the roadway at intersections, exits or entry ramps. Holding that position until a Road Captain moves into the same spot allows the officer to move to the front of the line to repeat the procedure once again. The Road Captain will block their assigned area, until all riders have passed. Now at the end of the line, the Road Captain must travel in the passing lane ahead of the entire line back to the front, until it is their turn to block traffic once more. Adrienne did an exceptional job moving in and out of assigned positions, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching the parade of cycles as we held back traffic, and then enjoyed the pace to move up to the front of the line. Several times each Road Captain engaged in this technique, until we were back to our starting point at the Waterfront Café in Carlstadt.

Traveling through the mountains, Adrienne was a great tour guide pointing out the different areas around the Lake, Reservoir and the challenge of riding Skyline Drive. Now you may think that all I did was sit back and enjoy the view? Not! Adrienne instructed that as a passenger, my assignment was to watch for deer and other fury animals! I am proud to say I did my job, and found none were visible to me!

Waiting at the end of the ride was great food, prizes and music! But most of all the camaraderie of being with good friends and helping a very worthy cause! My only regret was that I did not have my video camera! Woweee Age’d! That cork skew move was heart stopping!!!!!


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