Ringing Rocks Ride
by Linda Brown
June 2007

I had read an article in one of my motorcycle magazines about a ride to check out some very unique rocks. Rocks? Well, I submitted the idea to Laura (club Ride Captain) and on Saturday, June 2. Nine venturesome souls met at Panera’s near the Somerville Circle where we filled up on coffee and yummy delicacies before heading out in search of this interesting place, Ringing Rocks State Park.

The group pictured below included from the left arounf the table Laura Joiner, Jan Maughn, Laura Sisto, Linda Brown, Stephanie Gibbons, Pita and Danny Torlucci, Cindy Baker, and Pat Costello.

the group at lunch

Laura S led us through some absolutely beautiful NJ country roads, including three ‘pavement ends’ sections. It was a very warm day, 88 degrees, and the majestic trees overhead, provided some cooling shade during the ride. I can honestly say that we are all better riders for having undergone the ‘trial by dirt roads’. Way to go everyone! It was one of those ‘Why I Ride’ days and felt good to be on the bikes.

The entrance road to the park in PA, has some very deep holes, so be careful if you go there via motorcycle. After parking and hydrating on water, we took a short trail where we came upon a huge field of some very sizeable boulders. Those of us, who brought them, wielded our hammers and clambered up and over to ‘ping’ these mysterious musical rocks.

Laura J tapping the rocksBoth Laurs on the rocksBoth Laura Joiner (shown at the left) and Laura Sisto (shown at the right) were the bravest of the group. They ventured out the farthest to make music with the rocks. I must say that I had thought about bringing my grandchildren here, but, I fear that they, especially the boys, would have way TOO much fun climbing over the rocks and I would be a nervous wreck. Danny (shown at the left below) joked that if we got a foot caught, they would just move another rock next to us and we would be there for quite a while!

According to the website, a scientist took some specimens of the rocks to his laboratory at Rutgers University to try to determine why these particular rocks have several different metallic sounds when tapped with a hammer. Apparently the composition of the rocks is the same as others all over the country, but, these particular rocks give off a metallic sound, and it remains a mystery since he couldn’t determine the reason. The website gives you a chance to hear four different tones. I don’t know if we discovered all four, but it was interesting to hear the sounds (Linda is pictured above on the right).

A 10-minute ride to Ships Inn, Milford, NJ and a delicious lunch relaxed and cooled us off before we departed for home or other destinations.


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