by Pat Gwozdz
May 2007

Anyone that knows me is familiar with my favorite two words….”I’m hungry!” Most times the replies come fast and furious: “What! You just ate!” or “Why don’t you bring a snack!” So, this riding season I plan to try a remedy to appease that little gremlin with the alarm clock in my stomach!

Some research indicates that there are certain, “do’s and don’ts,” for what you should eat during times when you need to stay alert. Alert is good while riding!

So here are some recommendations I plan to follow to prevent those two words from escaping my lips!

1. Avoid sweets and sugary foods. Try a high protein nutrition bar instead of a candy bar. Choose one that has 15 grams of protein.

2. Choose meals and snacks that emphasize protein over carbohydrates. Protein-rich meals and snacks keep your energy on an even keel. Snack on cheese, crackers and low-fat milk. Add protein to carbohydrate meals.


3. Water, water, water! Bring water for hydration and possibly a low sodium snack. Salt is important for the removal of toxins and aids transmission of signals to and from the brain. Headaches, muscle cramps or tiredness may indicate salt deficiency. Lightly salted peanuts or almonds are easy to pack and eat.


You may want to bring along some of the recommendations listed above on your next ride, depending of course on your medical requirements. However, if nothing else, bring water. Remember, heat, humidity and high speeds remove moisture from your body.

Here is a little tidbit about food for those of us that need help remembering our way back home: Eating pineapple chunks or a cup of berries helps memory. The brain consumes a great deal of oxygen and harmful oxidants from air pollution can damage memory. Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables pick off free radicals that injure memory.


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