by Pat Gwozdz
June 2007

Unbelievably, I have been shopping for a new pair of sunglasses. Yes, it is about time for a change. This past week, there was an article on how to buy sunglasses. What I learned was very interesting so I did some research that I thought may be of interest to our riders in selecting the right color lens:

Select the Correct Color Lens for the Conditions You Face

Amber or yellow colors are intended for use in flat to hazy light conditions and offer high contrast necessary in high-speed and/or high altitude sports such as skiing or mountaineering by filtering out blue light which makes focusing difficult.

Vermilion (pink) actually helps to absorb light in foggy or gray conditions increasing contrast and depth perception, a must for high-speed sports in the winter.


Brown lenses offer the true-color perception characteristics of a gray or smoke lens, but also retains some of the blue-light removing / contrast increasing characteristics of a light amber lens.

Clear...why? Because if you are adventuring at night, it is the only lens color that will allow your eyes to see anything at all.


Gray or smoke colored lenses are best suited for driving or general use when depth perception is not as important as true color perception.


Blue and purple lenses are not recommended for any use other than fashionable as the color actually serves to increase the contrast-destroying characteristics of blue light.


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