July Club Picnic
by Laura S.
On July 13th the Spokes-Women had their monthly meeting and combined it with our annual picnic. Carmela, pictured at right, and her family were gracious hosts, and we thank them for the use of their home, yard, hot tub and pool, ....especially the pool!!!

When I ride I always take along my camera and good intentions of taking pictures of the events, so that Donna can post them to the website...this was no exception.

Pita, Danny and I got there a little late (what else is new) so the meeting was all ready in progress, with camera in hand I quickly got some shots of the tail end of the meeting and those standing around talking.

It was quite hot that day, so soon I was in the pool, enjoying the food and company, forgetting about taking pictures. By the time I remembered the camera, it had been sitting in the sun for a couple of hours, it was hot, and needless to say the heat fried my batteries and I couldn't get any more shots. Oh Well....I did have good intentions!!!

Luckily for me Danny also had his camera and took these candid shots of the day

Jan, Laura J., Danny and Cathy G standing and Susan, Jay, Mickey, Arden in the chairs and Stephanie at the table

Carmela had a tent outside so we could sit in the shade for a very short meeting...after all there was food and a pool waiting!

Member chatting during a peaceful afternoon

From Left: Stephanie, Danny, Arden seated, Pita in the sun, Laura, Kathy G and Pat

Danny chilling

Arden, Jay and Jay's daughter chatting

From the Back: Jan, Stephanie and Linda S.

From the front: Mickey, Kate hiding and Bzrider

Cathy G seated and Linda S.
That Pita's silver Bike above next to Barbara's red pacific coast and Jan to the left getting ready to go home.
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