Cape May Here We Come!
by Laura S.

The last Sunday of October was the start of the Polar Bear Grand Tour....destination Cape May, NJ. I sent out my usual email to the Spokies to see who was going to join me on this year's tour.

Pita, Danny and Jan did it last year and decided to do itagain this year. Carol and Mickey, who have heated gear, decided theywould ride this year. Since we all come from different partsof North Jersey, selecting a meeting place convenient to everyone is the challenge every week.

Barbara's house was always a great meeting place since it was located in a central part, East Brunswick, but since she moved to South Carolina...there went our meeting place. I like to pick a place that has a big parking lot, easy to find, easy access, and somewhere that you can sit and wait.....for those who are never on time....OH and a ladies room is very important.

I found a Panera on Route 1 in North Brunswick that fit all those qualifications....and they have great coffee and goodies to boot.

Jan and I got there at the same time and parked together (pictured at right above)

When we were leaving, Mickey's heated jacket wasn't working, so Carol let her use her's for the trip (left picture).

When we got to Cape May, she spoke with the vendor and found that the controls were not working, so he gave her a new one.

Good thing, cause Carol needed to "plug in" for the trip home (bleow).

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